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Reinalie Ocsan


Date of Birth:
Jun 23,1987

Want to Work in:
Work Experience:
I am Reinalie Arcelona Ocsan, 24 years of age, single, residing at Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, a Registered Nurse and a holder of several certificates that are maybe vital and valuable in my application. i assure your company that i am hardworking, flexible, goal-oriented, well motivated, persevering and enthusiastic individual. I am in search of a job on board a ship (cruise ship) as a nurse or maybe a steward.

Work Experience
from 2009.05 to 2011.06
I work an 8 hour shift a day (40 hours a week) as a nurse. Dealing with different illnesses and different personalities as well. Patiently renders medical procedures, may it be in collaboration with other health personal or as an independent duty.
from 2008.06 to 2008.08
i worked as a private tutor for elementary students.
University of Pangasinan - Dagupan City, Philippines
from 2004 to 2008
I graduated with good grades in this 4 year course.
2009.08 to 2012.08
Gives information on intravenous therapy
2009.03 to 2010.03
Renders information on proper giving of CPR and First Aid.
This certification does not expire
Proficiency Test for the Basic Safety Course and it lenghtens or gives no expiry date for the said course.
This certification does not expire
I took the Training at Pangasinan Merchant Marine Academy. the course deals with the information and skills needed in order to survive life at sea.
I am still a member of this group
Nationwide membership for Philippine Nurses
Additional Information
I am hardworking, enthusiastic and persevering individual. I can be an asset for the company.
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